As internal market research budgets shrink, the pressure to provide faster, more insightful research at a lower cost increases. Market Probe’s experienced research team can partner with your staff to meet this challenge and provide greater insights at a lower cost. Rest assured that each research project is handled by a dedicated team that coaxes insight out of every step in the research process.

We Help you Understand, Predict, and Influence Customer Loyalty
The pharmaceutical and healthcare marketplace is built on complex interrelationships, making it difficult to predict and influence how products gain acceptance. Market Probe’s stakeholder research can help you to get a good understanding of these interactions. Once this is done, we can use statistical modeling to more definitively measure the impact on intended use of a product under various scenarios.

Pharmaceutical Research Capabilities Internet Survey Design and Hosting: All programming and hosting is done in-house, enabling quick turnaround and last-minute changes as well as allowing for careful and informative pre-testing.

In-depth qualitative interviews: We offer global telephone interviewing facilities with interviewers trained in medical interviewing, including managed care and hospital decision makers.

Global research: We have locations around the globe which aid us in understanding the nuances of both HCP and patient markets. They also enable us to collect data when an online methodology is not feasible.

Secondary database analysis: We find out the “who, what, where, and when”.

We are experts in reaching difficult to access audiences, we maintain an in-house database of more than 100,000 practicing physicians in the U.S.